Friday, November 25, 2011

Jacob's vRoom Canvas/Scrap 365

I got the very eagerly awaited awatied 1st issue of Scrap 365 yesterday (I would have had it earlier but I've been poorly, sob sob.)   Within the first few pages I was inspired.

On page 6 there is an article called 'Splish Splosh' by designer Mahlin Wiggur.  As soon as I saw it I thought oooh-I like it, I like it.  I have been meaning to put some layouts on stretched canvases for a while and decided to do it for this crafty effort.

My grandson loves anything with wheels on, especially cars and bikes so I decided to use this photo for his door plaque.  I got out my shimmer sprays and paints and had a good time.  I also used Snowtex for a bit of texture under the title.

I really enjoyed making this for my grandson, I sure hope he likes it.

Lynn x

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