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My Top 10 Tips for Scrapbooking Inspiration

My Top 10 Tips for Scrapbook Inspiration

How many times have you had a creative block?  Unfortunatley it happens to us all ...for a variety of reasons, but don't be to concerned as there is lots of inspiration out there to be had.  Here are a few of my ideas.

1. Photos 

My first 'port of call' for inspiration is in my photographs.  I sit with my photograph in front of me with a notepad close at hand and note down any thoughts that come mind.  Take the following photograph for example:
The words that come to mind for this photo are: bubbles, fun, colourful,laughter, joy, cheeky, focus.  Once I have these words to inspire, I can use them for the title for the layout, the story behind the photograph.  I would also use the words to inspire the colours I choose (in this case I would probably use brights).


2. Challenge Websites (includes challenge sites, colour challenge sites & sketch challenge sites)

I use challenge websites regularly often in conjunction with each other as this helps me to scrap more quickly and effectively.  See some of my previous posts.  The following are a few sites I use:

This sites provides a palette of 5 colours for you to use in your layout (every week) - It also provides a list of other products/techniques to use alongside the palette.  I love using this site and also gain inspiration from the examples the design team put together.

Much the same as the previous site it provides a palette to use to in your layout.  It also provides a sketch for you to use alongside if you wish.

Sketch Challenges

All of the following provide regular sketches to use as inspiration - you can also upload your layout (if within specified time) to win products or sometimes be featured as a guest designer for the site in the future.

I have a list of sketch sites to share with you - please contact me if you would like links to more sites.

Challenge Sites

Scrap it with a Song  I'm on the design team :)  

This sites provides a song every week for you to use as inspiration for your layout - either as a title, subtitle or whatever.  I find this site brilliant for getting my creative juices flowing and have used it for quite some time (long before I was asked to be on the design team)

A site that inspires you using items from a childs environment - ie, current challenge is a book challenge - The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

A space on the web to help bring out your rebellious side and to try something new.  I think this site just inspires you to 'let loose and create' - check it out!

Again - I have lots of challenge sites bookmarked if you need any more, I can send you an email with the links on.



I often flick through magazines as the adverts are great to get ideas from.  Just flick through and see what you can find.  

The photo below inspires me in several ways:

1.  The colour combination.       
2. the arrangement of the products being advertised.  
3. The arrangement of the title, logo and products.  
 4.  How the products in square boxes are then complimented by the curvyness/roundness of the other elements on the page.

Lolly Sticks

I bought a big pack of big lolly sticks and on some I have wrote lots of different products names, i.e. Brads, Foam shapes, glitter, etc.  On the others I have wrote lots of different techniques - i.e. sanding, die cutting, embossing, etc.  I then decide how many I am going to choose of each and then 'blindly' pick some out of each pot.  I then use these to create my layout!


Online Galleries 

Check out online galleries

Specific ones such as Scrapbook Challenges 

Or check out Photobucket, Flickr or Pinterest
then search scrapbook, scrapbooking, crafting or similar.


Scraplift Your Own Layouts

Check through some of your layouts and be inspired by yourself!!!  How awesome is that!  
I occasionally check through some of my layouts and find ones I particulary like and challenge myself to use them as a 'jumping off' point!


Speed Scrap

Like a lot of scrappers out there I have 'lots and lots' of scrapbooking goodies, which is great, but sometimes having so much can be off putting as you just don't know where to start.    I challenge myself to speed scrap by deciding to pick 1 item from each of the different storage tubs I have up to a pre-specified amount! Then that's it - I have to use what I have in front of me to put the layout together.  Sometimes 'less is more!'


Try Out a New Technique

Have you been wanting to try out  a new technique for a while?  Just jump in and have a try.  If it doesn't work out 1st time then try again.  As they used to say 'If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again.  Have fun with it!!!


You Tube!!!

Check out tutorials on You Tube.

You would not believe the amount of crafty tutorials there are on YouTube, from well known designers to amateurs. 


Back to Basics

I sometimes go 'back to basics' and challenge myself to put together a layout using only pens, papers, scissors, like we would have had to do before we had all those wonderful shops to buy all those scrapbooking goodies from.

You will be amazed at what you can produce!!


Hope you have found this helpful.  If you have please let me know.

If you have anything you think others would like to know - please make a comment and I will update the post.

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