Thursday, August 30, 2012

Digital Creations - My First Attempts

Hi there

I have never been interesting in digi-scrapbooking much as I normally prefer to play with 'bits of paper', but my mother has really gotten into it... and never stops showing me all the different things you can do so I have been giving it a bit of bash.

Below are my first several attempts at digi-scrapping - I have shown them in the order that I created them.  I hope I am showing some development.

Strolling Along.....
Layout about my father and my grandson as they walk along hand in hand - so relaxed - Photos taken at Druridge Bay Country Park

Summer fun...with grandma

 My Little Sweetie/Specs Appeal
Photo taken at my home after my grandson had pinched my glasses off me

Walking Up Binsey
Photo of my husband and myself walking up Binsey Fell (a Wainwright) in the Lake District.

Let's Drink to Magic Mike
Photo taken at Pizza Hut to celebrate my friend Charlotte's 19th Birthday before we went to drool over Channing Tatum in the film 'Magic Mike'

Simple layout about my Nana - photo was taken in Shefield

Cute & Contemplative
Photo of my grandson taken at Hadrian Road Metro Station in Wallsend while we were waiting for a metro train.

Best Boy in the World
Photo taken at my home and used a free filter over the top - Yes he is normally this smiley

and finally....

Ladies Day @ Newcastle Racecourse
Photo of my friend Julie and myself at Newcastle Racecourse for Ladies - enjoying a wee drinkie and few wagers.

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  1. These are pretty awesome. Love the photos!Keep working on the will keep getting better!