Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Facinator for Ladies Day - Newcastle Races

Hi there

I thought I would share with you the facinator I made for Ladies Day at Newcastle Races.

I saw an article in Scrap 365 magazine which showed a facinator made with mainly card/paper.
I was inspired to make my own facinator and loved the idea that my facinator would be unique.  I was up for the challenge.

I decided to make a facinator attached to a headband (as I am not that keen on on those comb thingys) plus I basically thought it might be easier.

The photo below is the 1st stage in process
Stage 1
I bought several bits and peices - feather pearls on wire etc and bound them together using ribbon with double sided sticky tape to.

 Now Stage 2
When I had my dress taken up (as I am a mere 5ft) there was spare material over so I decided to cut strips of the material and wrapped these around the hairband.

 This is it finished and below is a picture of my friend and I at Ladies Day.


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